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GroNet is L’Eau Below’s live, 24/7, web accessible soil moisture monitoring platform.

Utilizing the well proven, extremely accurate, large area TDT sensing technology in the GroPoint probe, GroNet uses cellular network connected data loggers to store and upload soil moisture data from up to 3 separate sensors installed at different depths.

Readings are taken at client set intervals and uploaded to our server every couple of hours to provide up to date, live information on what is occurring in your soil profile at any time.

Clients are provided with a username and password to access the data via our website login whenever they wish, and as a back-up the last 7 days of information is emailed to clients twice weekly as a quick reference tool.

L’Eau Below retains ownership of all equipment, which it installs free of charge * and maintains as necessary to ensure continuity of data is provided at all times.

Clients pay one annual data access fee for 12 months use of the service.

* Subject to 24 months minimum contract term